The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business®


The Nine Steps is a tool kit in the form of a book written with the objective to transition companies to the circular economy. While the book is action packed with information, each chapter presents guidelines specific to a company’s requirements. If the supply chain is your area of focus then the chapter ‘Circular Supply Chain’ will fit your needs.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience each chapter in the book is a workshop in itself. CEA hosts workshops, either online or in person in your company, or mixed groups coming to a city near you.

Just click on the images below for excerpts from The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business book. For more information, please contact our office via our Contact Us form.

The Nine Steps Cards™


To facilitate participants in generating ideas and action plans during any of the Nine Steps Workshop’s we use three different styles of cards as guides. The three different types of cards are: Standard, Case Studies and Compass.

Standard Cards

Goals & Tasks are

assigned to each card

Case Study Cards

Focus on

circular stories

Compass Cards

Provide extra




Workshops are regularly held in various cities across Asia, or in-house with your company. An online version is currently in development. There are several different types of workshops starting with a half-day, full-day and two-day workshop according to your company’s requirements.  Feel free to contact us for a quote.

Mini Workshops (½ day)


Want to attend a workshop but don’t have time? We offer ½ day workshop’s that focus on a specific topic within the circular economy and include one team exercise. All participants also receive a workshop manual.

Deep-Dive Workshops


Our one or two day deep-dive workshops are where participants can really immerse themselves in the circular economy. More team exercises, guidance on Action Plans and all participants receive a copy of The Steps Towards a Circular Business book for free.


¹ The Six Steps Towards a Circular Business has been adapted from “Guided Choices: Towards a Circular Business Model” by Douwe Jan Joustra, Egbert de Jong, Frits Engelaer, 2013. The Six Steps includes additional information from a range of sources specifically created for businesses making the transition to Circularity.