Skills Training

Do you have the skills to deliver circular economy outcomes? If the answer is no, you have landed on the right page. Here is where your skills training begins. We highly recommend you review the Essential Skills™ program. before moving on to our intermediate and advanced courses. 

The Essential Skills Program

The Essential Skills Program are our free skills training courses to

Circular Economy Foundation Course

What is the circular economy? Where did the circular economy start? How can I contribute to a circular economy in my country?

If you are one of the many thousands of people who ask these questions, then the Circular Economy Foundation Course is for you.

The good news – it is free!

Resource Recovery Skills Training

The use of secondary raw materials will become increasingly common over the coming years. Secondary raw materials for manufacturers are derived from end-of-use-cycle items, the everyday products we discard. These items only have value when we practise responsible disposal behaviours and collection and sorting systems are designed to maintain the material value of the end-of-use-cycle items.

For more information, visit the Resource Recovery Skills Training page.

Participants who join the Resource Recovery Skills Training course will create a strategy that goes beyond recycling. The course encourages participants to understand what happens to end-of-use-cycle items and how poor disposal behaviours, and collection and sorting systems can make or break successful recycling processes.

The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business

The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business has been created for individuals, companies, government agencies and NGOs to decide where they wish to focus and what is important to them. For example, a company may decide circular supply chains are critical or, perhaps, circular business models. Before embarking on any of the Nine Steps, it is highly recommended first to take the Circular Economy Foundation Course. 

For more information, visit The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business page.

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