Repair – Part of the Circular Economy

Repair revalues the finite resources embedded in the consumer products we own. Yet it is also about maintaining the utility of the products for as long as possible and only replacing those worn or broken components. However, products also need to be designed in such a way to ensure repairs can be easily completed.

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Repair – An Economic Function of the Circular Economy

The shift from a consumer economy to a repair economy. What is the Repair Economy? It is an economic concept where the values of sustainability, durability and material health come together and form its own circular economy system. Consumer products should not considered expendable, they hold value that makes them worth repairing.

This promotes the sustainability of the object as it encourages people to repair and reuse their items instead of buying new ones. This mindset helps form ‘repair and reuse communities’ generating a sense of care, pride, belonging and civic participation that is lost in our present consumer economy.

Download the seventh: Repair  PDF file.

The Circular Rs are part of the Circular Economy Foundation Course.

Knowledge Centre

This section includes research and reports on community repair initiatives, repairability criteria, repair policies, analysis, etc. 



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