The Circular Economy Glossary of Terms

Version 11 – The latest updates include: Circular Economy Indicators, Circular Maturity Model, Material Passport, Water – Embodied, Water – Operational and ESG. The Glossary is structured with materials as the main term. For example, Low Carbon Concrete is listed as Concrete – Low Carbon

The Circular Economy Glossary of Terms is free to download and if you have any suggestions, feedback or would like to contribute, do not hesitate to get in contact with us via the Contact Us form.

What Are The Circular Rs?

The Circular Rs are the consumer behaviours and economic functions that enable the circular economy. We embrace 13 Rs, but the truth is it does not matter how many you subscribe to. What matters is how you understand their relationship as a function of resource management and resource efficiency.

To learn more, visit the Circular Rs page and download each of the individual Rs from the Circular Economy Foundation Course lessons listed on each of the 13 Rs. 

Is This Course For You?

The Circular Economy Foundation Course targets two types of learners.

  • Learners looking for a practical approach to the circular economy – The course provides all the working tools that make up the system known as the circular economy.


  • Companies interested in implementing the circular economy – Although companies and individuals will need to be selective as to which tools apply to their requirements, learners require a wholistic understanding to take full advantage of the potential of the circular economy.

We include ISO standards: ISO 59000, a family of standards specifically designed to foster a shift towards a circular economy. As reporting and company accountability shift to centre stage, we have included the basics of ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems to encourage better internal company processes, documentation and record-keeping. This is followed by the European Sustainability Reporting Standards E5 – Resource Use and Circular Economy.

Skills Training for the Circular Economy

The Circular Rs & Resource Management

Check out our latest infographic – how our natural resources are the source of everything we buy and use.

Learn about the Circular Rs – download the infographic or visit the Circular Rs page.   

The Services We Provide

Circular Resources

The development of a secondary raw materials industry. Discover more…

Circular Skills

Circular skills will equip you to lead the change we need. Learn more…

Circular Supply Chains

Supply chains are the arteries of the Circular Rs.

Skills for the Future

We offer a range of skills training courses to equip people to be part of a circular and sustainable world.

We Are Full of Ideas

Confused about the circular economy? It’s simple. It’s about resource efficiency and resource management because we live in a finite world. 

It starts with how we take or extract the natural resources, then design, manufacture and dispose of the products we buy and the services we use. We have the technology, the knowledge and capability to recover the resources we consume. Once recovered several options are available – any one of the Circular Rs or reprocessing. This is beyond recycling! This is the circular economy.

Ready To Get Started?

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