Business for the Circular Economy

What is a circular business? It is a business strategy that harmonizes financial and environmental priorities. Although not always synonymous with sustainability, the circular economy aligns incentives for “doing well” (economically) and “doing good” (sustainably) by requiring companies to take a life-cycle perspective of their products and services.¹

A circular company is future-focused, sustainability-minded and able to remain competitive while being conscious of finite planetary resources. In essence, a business takes on “a new vision of the treatment of resources, energy, value creation and entrepreneurship.².

The Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas has been a very popular tool for thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs. Here is an adaptation specifically for the circular economy. Also, refer to the Circular Rs page for additional information.

Case Study – Circular Business Through Design

By selling light as a service the UK company, Agency of Design, created a business model that makes LED lighting more desirable for consumers, ensuring a circular flow of the bulb’s critical materials and reducing the lifetime energy consumption of lighting. For more information, visit the Agency of Design – Circular Economy Lightbulbs website or the Circular Economy Lightbulbs-as-a-Service page.

Workshop for a Circular Business

All businesses will, eventually, transition to the circular economy. Until that point many will ask “What’s in it for my business?” In this workshop, we provide the business case for the circular economy, case studies and the value of the Circular Rs for your business.

We have a selection of workshops to choose from, starting with our ½ day mini-series for busy people or the deep-dive 1 or 2-day workshops. 

Visit The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business for a list of all the workshops on offer or contact our office.

Fact Sheets

These Fact Sheets provide insights, trends and ideas on the circular economy in Asia and across the world. They are created for our #CircularOctober campaign. For the complete list, visit the Fact Sheets page; click on the image to download.   

Knowledge Centre

Our Knowledge Centre has a wealth of information, covering more than 50 different topics with hundreds of reports, research, articles, infographics, images, movies, and tools.


  • “Making the Circular Economy Business Case to your CFO”, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • “Designing the Business Models for a Circular Economy – Towards the Conceptual Framework” by Mateusz Lewandowski, published 18 January 2016.