Our Brands

Here is a list of all the current brands with trademarks and domains owned by Ms Adrienna Zsakay, CEO and Founder of Circular Economy Asia. Not all the brands and domains are in use, however, there are plans to bring all of these brands and domains to life.

Trademark rights arising from use (rather than from registration) are sometimes referred to as common law rights. You can establish rights in a trademark if you have a legitimate use of the mark. This means you use the mark in real time in association with a product, brand, or service you provide. This protection is automatic as long as it is a legitimate use of a mark for business or commercial purposes. (Source: FindLaw.com)

Circular Asia™                              

Circular October™                              

Circular Skills™                              

Circular World™                              

Circular Resources™                              

Domains and Trademarks

CircularEconomyAsia™ – trademark and CircularEconomyAsia.org – domain

CircularEconomyAsia™ – trademark and CircularEconomyAsia.com – domain

CircularAsia™ – trademark and CircularAsia.org – domain

CircularKnowledge™ – trademark and CircularKnowledge.org – domain

Circular October™ – trademark and CircularOctober.org – domain

Circular Resources™ – trademark and Circular Resources.org – domain

Circular Skills™ – trademark and Circular Skills.org – domain

Circular World™ – trademark and Circular World.org – domain

The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business™ – NineStepsCircularBusiness.org – domain

PlasticsandPackaging.org – domain

RecycleAsia™ – trademark and RecycleAsia.org – domain

SmartWasteCollection.com – domain


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