The Circular Rs

The “Circular Rs” is a collection of functions that make up the circular economy. Although these activities are already present in the linear economy, they are treated as standalone activities. Very few people, companies or organisations can practice all the Circular Rs, so selecting the right function that suits you or your company is critical to success in the circular economy.

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The Circular Rs are part of the Circular Economy Foundation Course.

What Are The Circular Rs?

We live in a world of finite resources, the primary raw materials we extract from nature to manufacture the products we buy and later discard. The Circular Rs are the tools to improve resource management. For example, reuse or repair extends the life of products, away from single-use or early obsolescence. Product-as-a-Service aims to shift the ownership of a product to the sale of a utility. Instead of buying a light globe, we rent the light or the globe’s utility.

Download the first part of What Are The Circular Rs  PDF file.

Fact Sheets

These Fact Sheets provide insights, trends and ideas on the circular economy in Asia and across the world.   

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