New business models are a feature in the circular economy. In particular Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) will revolutionise the way we use products. The basic foundation of PaaS is a rental or lease arrangement between a company and the customer. Within the rental agreement the company agrees to maintain the integrity of the product in either full working order or condition.

Product-as-a-Service Workshop

The Product-as-a-Service workshop is a one day workshop that reviews all the aspects businesses need to consider when switching from selling products to selling products as a service.

We have a selection of workshops to choose from, starting with our ½ day mini series for busy people or the deep-dive 1 or 2 day workshops. Visit The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business® to review the current selection of workshops on offer.

Knowledge Centre


This section includes a wealth of reports, research, infographics, movies, performance-based contracting, presentations, service costing and tools. See also Service Design located in the Circular Design page.  For information on Business Models and Subscription Services visit the Links page.