Supply Chain Workshop for the Circular Economy

No company exists in isolation and supply chains are critical to a company’s transition to a circular economy. Resource management can only be achieved when it covers the whole supply chain. This workshop is aimed at all size companies who wish to collaborate with their supply chain for a circular future.

This is a full-day workshop covering the following themes with a team exercise and Action Plan to take back to your company:

1. Supply Chain Questionnaire: To set a base line on what level your suppliers have reached in sustainable or circular systems.

2. Supply Chain Visibility: The importance of a transparent supply chain.

3. Scorecard: Setting targets and goals.

4. Packaging Health: Of growing importance especially with the increase in e-commerce and online sales

5. Reverse Logistics: Case studies to review and discuss

6. Stakeholder Engagement: Working with your stakeholders on your circular journey.

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