The Six Steps


Step Six of The Six Steps – Managing Expectations – is now available

June is for Circular Business Models – #CircularOctober


The Circular Economy will be primarily driven by businesses as they seek more sustainable usage of our resources. However business alone cannot achieve success unless consumers and ordinary citizens engage and support more Circular solutions. Change will start from product designers who formulate products with modular, reusable parts made from recycled materials.

In addition repair, remanufacturing and reprocessing will be facilitated by IoT sensors to provide data on usage, wear and tear of parts together with efficient reverse logistic to ensure products are returned to the owner at end-of-life. In the Circular Economy, we will no longer own products, only use them as required and return them so they can be recycled into something else.

You can read all the details from the #CircularOctober 2018 page.




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