The Six Steps Towards A Circular Business



From April 2019 we shall be hosting a series of workshops either in person or via the Mural platform. The workshops will cover:

1. The Six Steps Towards a Circular Business

2. Circular Supply Chain

3. Circular Design

4. Product-as-a-Service

5. Circular Business Models

6. The Business Case for the Circular Economy.

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What’s New?

The Challenge of the Circular Economy in Asia

The Challenge of the Circular Economy in Asia

‘Is the circular economy achievable in Asia?’ seems to be a hot topic and a question that constantly comes up on our radar. Out of 249 countries in the world, by 2050 seven Asian countries will have 45% of global GDP.  In essence the Asian region, with more than 50%...

In Thailand

In Singapore

Contact LightBlue Environmental Consulting to discuss subsidies for food waste initiatives from the Thai government.

To register for this seminar, click here (in Thai)

Want to know how the circular economy fits into Singapore Urban Design Festival?

Asian Plastics & Packaging Agreement – Take Our Survey


The Six Steps Towards a Circular Business

A summary of each of the Six Steps now on our website.  The Manual will be available early 2019. (click the text or image)

Circular Asia News Beat

Our newspaper ‘Circular Asia News Beat‘ covers news on the Circular Economy, sustainability, recycling, fashion, science, technology and so much more. This is the best online daily on the circular economy in the world!

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