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Most organisations focus on plastics, we prefer to devote our time and energy to the plastics and packaging industry and why we launched the Asian Plastics & Packaging Agreement. “We can’t recycle our way out of overwhelming waste” and to a certain extent this statement is correct. Except we have no choice but to vastly improve our recycling systems for secondary raw material recovery – Recyclable Resource Recovery Collection Systems

Businesses in Asia still see the circular economy and sustainability as cost, rather than a profit driver. The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business will change your perceptions forever. 

The Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship

If the circular economy is a business and consumer led economic change then we need more entrepreneurship, from start-ups to existing businesses to large corporations.

Starting from November 2019 ~ December 2020, Circular Economy Asia will be hosting a series of monthly events, beginning in Singapore and Malaysia, later expanding around the region. Each event will feature an opening presentation, expert speaker, various entrepreneurs and change makers from around the world and even the occasional movie or documentary to inspire your inner film maker. Stay tuned for updates.