The Six Steps Towards A Circular Business



From April 2019 we shall be hosting a series of workshops either in person or via the Mural platform. The workshops will cover:

1. The Six Steps Towards a Circular Business

2. Circular Supply Chain

3. Circular Design

4. Product-as-a-Service

5. Circular Business Models

6. The Business Case for the Circular Economy.

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What’s New?


Plastic waste and pollution is a worldwide problem that harms ecosystems and fisheries, fills up landfills, clogs urban water systems, contributes to global warming, and has negative impacts on human health. Southeast Asia has become a hotspot for these problems, especially due to its contribution to plastic pollution of the oceans. In its recently adopted Plastics Strategy, the European Union (EU) has committed to assist other regions in shifting towards a Circular Economy for plastics, and the ASEAN and the EU have agreed to collaborate to tackle these issues.

As an important first part of this collaboration, the EU and the ASEAN Secretariat are now launching a gap analysis pertaining to the state of Circular Economy for plastics in ASEAN Member States. The project aims to develop a knowledge base for follow-up actions by the EU to inspire and assist Circular Economy approaches to plastics issues in the ASEAN region.

The documents below are the scope of works under research, evaluation and analysis.

In Thailand

Contact LightBlue Environmental Consulting to discuss subsidies for food waste initiatives from the Thai government.

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The Six Steps Towards a Circular Business

A summary of each of the Six Steps now on our website.  The Manual will be available early 2019. (click the text or image)

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