We implement practical solutions based on Circular Economy values across 24 countries in the Asian region.

The Asian Plastics & Packaging Agreement


We believe every country in the world needs to formulate their own plastics and packaging agreement in order to oversee the development of a sustainable and circular packaging industry.  The Asian Plastics & Packaging Agreement is a template for all emerging markets to use. Although the managing organisation’s will have their own methods and ideals as to the implementation, the one single thing we must all agree on are targets and a labeling system system that works across regions.

Our targets are not ambitious. Our targets are completely achievable. It’s just going to take a lot of work and effort from everyone: government, industry and consumers. All of us at Circular Economy Asia intend to commit to accomplishing these goals by 2050.

Click here to download all the Asian Plastics & Packaging Agreement documents.

What’s New?

We have launched our newspaper called ‘Circular Asia News Beat‘. It covers news on the Circular Economy, sustainability, recycling, fashion, science, technology and so much more. This is the best daily update on the Circular Economy in the world!

How might we design the next generation fiber cup to be recoverable on a global scale, while maintaining the performance standards we know and trust? Visit the NextGen Cup Challenge for more details.


The Six Steps Towards a Circular Business

A summary of each of the Six Steps now on our website.  The Manual will be available early 2019. (click the text or image)

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