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A circular company is future focused tied to its ability to operate and remain competitive within the planetary boundaries of finite resources.

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The Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship

If the circular economy is a business and consumer led economic change then we need more entrepreneurship, from start-ups to existing businesses to large corporations.

Starting from November 2019 ~ December 2020, Circular Economy Asia will be hosting a series of monthly events, beginning in Singapore and Malaysia, later expanding around the region. Each event will feature an opening presentation, expert speaker, various entrepreneurs and change makers from around the world and even the occasional movie or documentary to inspire your inner film maker. Stay tuned for updates.

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Circular Economy & Energy


Direct industrial CO2 emissions rose 0.3% to reach 8.5 GtCO2 in 2017 (24% of global emissions), a rebound from the 1.5% annual decline during 2014‑16. To align with the SDS (Sustainable Development Scenario) emissions must peak prior to 2025 and decline to 8.3 GtCO2 (gigatons of CO2 ) by 2030 – despite expected industrial production growth.

Increasing energy efficiency, the uptake of renewable fuels, and research and deployment of low-carbon process routes – such as CCUS (carbon capture, utilisation and storage) and hydrogen-based production – are all critical. Governments can accelerate progress by providing innovation funding and adopting mandatory CO2 emissions reduction and energy efficiency policies.

What Can Industry Do?

Industry can help by:

  • Considering life-cycle emissions when designing products and construction projects (circular design)
  • Reducing waste during manufacturing and construction (built environment)
  • Developing sharing and circular economy-based business models (circular activities)



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Theme of the Week: Circular Economy & Climate Change


Each week we feature a video and report or research from our extensive Knowledge Centre. In general, with documents we provide a download link direct from the organisation website and keep a copy in our Library. 

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Circular Economy Asia hosts workshops and provides training alongside consultancy services to government agencies, SME’s, corporations and NGO’s. We work on specialised projects that focuses on capturing secondary raw materials plus circular entrepreneurship.

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