Waste-as-a-Resource Workshop

Ready to future-proof your raw material supply? This ½ day introductory workshop explains how recyclable resources become the feedstock for new products. This goes beyond any standard recycling program as it includes circular systems thinking and the concept of material flows.

Achieving a viable secondary raw material supply system does require a long-term strategy and collaboration with a number of different stakeholders. Ready for change?

What’s Covered in this Workshop

This workshop is also briefly covered in Step Two of The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business – Circular Company. We use The Nine Steps Cards™ that have been especially designed for this ½ day workshop.

1. Circular economy systems thinking.

2. Introduction to material flows and the Circular R’s.

3. Your company and staff. 

4. What’s in your waste and how much can you recover?

5. Introduction to integrating a recyclable resource recovery system in your company.

6. Resource recovery is more than just recycling

7. Team exercise: Feedstock Collection Pilot

8. Introduction to stakeholders

9. Introduction to measuring, metrics, targets and reporting

10. The Vision Tool

Resource Recovery

This is an advanced workshop that takes a company towards understanding the material flows in their company, both in the services and manufacturing industries. It also includes detailed guidelines on measuring and metrics that can be included in sustainability reporting. We use The Nine Steps Cards™ that have been specially designed for this ½ day workshop.

Want to Know More?


This workshop is part of The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.