Step Three – Stakeholder Engagement


No matter what, and regardless of how great your action plan and implementation strategy is, stakeholders are the key to your success. There are your internal stakeholders (staff, management, Board of Directors) and external stakeholders (customers, supply chain, investors, etc). There will also be new stakeholders, ones that you have yet to identify and engage, who will be crucial to your crucial circular transition.

Who Are Your Stakeholders?


It is a good idea to start with a list of stakeholders, how they will assist in your circular transition and how much they know about the circular economy. Putting in a place an educational program, regardless of how basic and inexpensive, can go a long way on getting every one on board.

As each company is different your Circular Action Plan will be uniquely suited to your specific conditions with the appropriate targets and milestones. Here is where your stakeholders will need to contribute or be part of your plan. Your supply chain can be a very different set of circumstances and this is covered in Step Five – Circular Supply Chain.

Additional Resources


There is a wealth of resources available in our Knowledge Centre, everything from reports, images, infographics, articles, movies and tools.¬† For information specific to Step Three – Stakeholder Engagement, click on the images below. Please note: Stakeholders play a very big part in ‘Reporting’ and why this topic is also included on this page.