Step Nine – Circular Reporting


The act of circular reporting will provide a level of transparency into your business that no other mechanism will do. It will give you insights into every single detail on all the choices and decisions you make about your business that the core principles of sustainability ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) can never achieve. Together ESG and the circular economy are a very powerful combination, but only circularity provides true insights into how well resources are managed in your company.

“Materiality assessments” are the backbone of reporting. They help identify an organization’s most ‘material issues’, the issues that matter most to a company’s sustainability and circular agenda, and determine what should be included in a report. It is the first and most important step towards fulfilling an organisation’s circular agenda. More importantly it should inform and influence your strategic planning, operations, risk management and capital investment decisions. Thus it is not in effect a stand alone process but an integral part of a company’s short, medium and long term planning and operational procedures.

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