Step Five – Circular Supply Chain


A company’s supply chain is a key stakeholder and a vital cog in transitioning to the circular economy. Each of your suppliers will need to be included yet it does not need to be a complex process. The secret is in aligning goals, setting realistic targets and communication. Most companies have a range of different suppliers, from very large sophisticated manufacturers and distributors to small family own businesses. Every company, regardless of size, can contribute to a sustainable and circular future.

Circular Supply Chain Workshop

The Circular Supply Chain workshop is a full day workshop covering a number of important themes to bring your supply chain along your circular journey. Visit the Circular Supply Chain workshop page to lean what is included in this class.

We have a selection of workshops to choose from, starting with our ½ day mini series for busy people or the deep-dive 1 or 2 day workshops. Visit The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business® to review the current selection of workshops on offer.

Working with Your Supply Chain


Here is a list of topics each company should, ideally, start with and work towards:

(1) A questionnaire to find out exactly how sustainable and circular your supply chain is and what activities or targets they are planning.

(2) To establish supply chain visibility.

(3) To create a supply chain scorecard around key areas such as: Design, Energy, Waste, Packaging, Agriculture, Forests / Bio-diversity and Product Use

(4) The health of packaging used by your company either directly or via your supply chain.

(5) Reverse logistics and the retrieval of products, either by your company or your supplier for any of the activities under the 9R’s.

Additional Resources


There is a wealth of resources available in our Knowledge Centre, everything from reports, images, infographics, articles, movies and tools.  For information specific to Step Five – Circular Supply Chain, click on the images below.