Does the world need another Tourism Standard? The world is changing and the Circular Economy has become the model of sustainability for the future. In the ‘Towards a Circular Tourism Standard‘ we presented the basic rationale why we created this new Standard for the tourism industry to consider. Below is the first draft and we have purposely kept some circles blank it should be a co-created Standard by as many interested stakeholders as possible.

Of course the first questions will be: (1) is it a voluntary standard?; (2) If not how to maintain and measure it? Here we have created a table as part of the discussion:

If you’re interested to be part of the development of a Circular Tourism Standard, please contact us here at Circular Economy Asia: . The level of involvement is up to you. You are welcome to sent in comments, questions, opinions, thoughts, suggestions, ideas and constructive criticisms. We’ll collate it all and provide continually feed back via LinkedIn and this website.

For questions relating to implementation, please read the first article ‘Towards a Circular Tourism Standard‘ which will provide these details. To download a copy of the outline, click KAB_CircularTourismStandard_ideas.pdf