What is #CircularOctober?


#CircularOctober is the month to ‘Connect & Action’ for the Circular Economy. Why? It can get confusing at times trying to understand the Circular Economy. So if it is confusing, how do we make it work? Each month we explore a new theme around the Circular Economy and build in resources to inspire and assist you with your own ideas, projects or plans – visit our #CircularOctober Resources page.

We can begin with small things or really big things but the important thing is to start. And maintain our efforts so we can measure progress over time. And figure out what works and what does not work. If we do not start, maintain and learn from each other it will take longer to get to Circularity.


How it started


It all began in 2017 when we wanted to communicate Circular Economic principles in a way to make it simple. So we launched #CircularOctober 2017 with 31 Fact Sheets, one for each day of the month. We wanted to take this one step further and decided on dedicating one full month to some aspects of the Circular Economy and include a range of different resources: #CircularOctober Resources. We now have a Video Library, articles, research papers, reports, images and infographics you can access.


Here is how you can participate


Each year when October comes around, we Connect Up with each other and share our ideas and plans for the Actions we need to take to drive the Circular Economy in your country.

It is important to measure our actions and how well we have progressed from the year before. Otherwise we will not be able to improve upon our efforts and our goals for a sustainable planet.

If you like you can become a Guest Editor – Here’s what you have to do: (1) Go to our 2018 page (2) Check out a theme that interests you (3) Download the Guidelines (4) Contact us and tell us how you’d like to participate (5) We’ll be in touch!