What is #CircularOctober?

#CircularOctober is the month to ‘Connect & Action’ for the Circular Economy. Why? It can get confusing at times trying to understand the Circular Economy. So if it is confusing, how do we make it work? There is a wealth of information in the Knowledge Centre to help get you started. It is best to begin with small things that can be part of really big ideas. But the most important thing is to start and maintain your momentum so you can measure progress over time. 

How #CircularOctober started

It all began in 2017 when I wanted to communicate circular economy principles in a way to make it simple. So I launched #CircularOctober 2017 with 31 Fact Sheets, one for each day of the month. The aim is to take this one step further, to dedicate one full month to some aspects of the circular economy and include a range of different activities where people can participate. Hands-on learning is the best path to success.  There is a wealth of information in the Knowledge Centre, which now includes a Library, a YouTube Channel, Fact Sheets, Case Studies, articles, research papers, reports, images and infographics you can access.

Want to Know More?

All of our Fact Sheets are hosted on Pinterest and you can find a huge amount of information pinned in the different categories by going to the Fact Sheets page. Visit our Pinterest page to see the different Boards.