#CircularOctober 2017 Fact Sheets


For #CircularOctober 2017, we cover five key areas:

  1. #CircularSocialEntreprise: aimed at charities, NGO’s or budding Social Entrepreneurs.
  2. #CircularBusiness: sustainable impact requires business to be involved.
  3. #CircularGovernment: Circular Economic policies – a work in progress.
  4. #CircularEducation: for the future.
  5. #CircularTourism: just too big of an industry to ignore.

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Note: We make no claims that any of the business ideas or business models can be profitable. Due diligence must be undertaken to reduce risk and against any financial loss.

Image Links: Many of the images have links embedded into them to reference back to the original source.


  1. Icons: All icons used in the header of each fact sheet was provided by FlatIcon
  2. Statistics: Many of the statistics used in these fact sheets are from Statista