Circular Fashion


Dr. Anna Brismar, head of Green Strategy and developer of the platform, was the first to define the concept of ‘Circular Fashion’ and included 16 key principles for fashion to become circular.

According to Brismar’s definition and key principles. “Fashion products should be designed for durability, resource efficient manufacturing systems, non-toxic dyes, be biodegradable, recyclable and with good ethics in mind.


Similarly, they should be sourced and produced with priority given to local, non-toxic, renewable, biodegradable and recyclable resources, as well as efficient, safe and ethical practices.

Moreover, the products should be used for as long as possible, through good care, repair, refurbishment and sharing among multiple users over time (through rent/lease, secondhand, swap etc). Thereafter, the products should be redesigned to give the material and components new life.

Lastly, the material and components should be recycled and reused for the manufacturing of new products. If unfit for recycling, the biological material should instead be composted to become nutrients for plants and other living organisms in the ecosystem. Overall, the life cycle of products should bring no environmental or socio-economic harm but instead contribute to positive development and well-being of humans, ecosystems and societies at large.”

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